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Case Studies

See how your peers are partnering with ClearDATA to achieve operational efficiencies, secure sensitive data, and create a culture of compliance on their paths to innovation.


ClearDATA Joins the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council to Share Healthcare Expertise in Shaping Guidelines on Digital Health and Telemedicine

ClearDATA executives serving on HSCC task forces to address security in medical devices and cybersecurity best practices AUSTIN, Texas (May…

Reporting Remains “Killer App” for Healthcare Analytics

Originally published April 16, 2019 by Fred Donovan at HITInfrastructure.

ClearDATA CEO and Co-Founder Darin Brannan on Starting—and Managing—A Successful Startup

Originally published April 22, 2019 by Michelle Kung in AWS Startups Blog

Five Tech Trends From HIMSS 2019 That Are Transforming Health Care

Originally published April 17, 2019 by Matt Ferrari, CTO, ClearDATA at


Stop Emailing PHI

by Chris Bowen Chief Privacy & Security Officer ClearDATA

The Convergence of Innovation and Compliance

by Scott WhyteChief Strategy OfficerClearDATA

Kubernetes Compliant Solutions Enable Healthcare Innovation

A podcast on how Kubernetes Compliant Solutions enables healthcare innovation.


Speeding Pharma’s Time to Market with Managed Cloud Services

Learn how pharma companies can use the public cloud to enable innovation and speed time to market in an increasingly…

Big Rewards Await Pharma Companies with Big Data in the Cloud

This paper explores the benefits pharmaceutical companies can reap by turning to the cloud to leverage artificial intelligence and big…

What Pharma Needs to Know about Compliance Regulation in the Cloud

Understanding policies and laws around privacy and data protection for healthcare can be complicated, and monitoring your compliance can be…

Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing

This paper explains how Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing™ makes it possible for you to identify and trace PHI as it moves through the cloud, allowing for better privacy, protection against identity fraud, improved accuracy of claims processing, and consistent compliance with frameworks that require PHI inventories, such as HIPAA and GDPR .


Join host Matt Ferrari for his new series CTO Talk. Listen as he and distinguished guests explore the issues, challenges and opportunities impacting healthcare technology today.

Events and Webinars

Emerging Technologies for Healthcare

Understanding how emerging technologies will impact the delivery of healthcare is a key concern for many healthcare delivery organizations. In…

Key Considerations for Payers Moving to the Cloud

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant transformation in its use of hardware, software, and storage, with many leading institutions moving…

What 500 Security Risk Assessments Reveal About the State of Security in Healthcare

  A Security Risk Analysis (SRA) is a requirement under the HIPAA Security Rule, which directs covered entities and business…

The CIO’s Role in Battling the Opioid Epidemic

It’s the scourge of the nation, taking thousands upon thousands of lives every year, and it’s getting worse. Of course,…