Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing™

Gain visibility into where PHI lives and flows across numerous microsystems.

Distributed Tracing is a concept for microservices that can trace data requests as they are processed by microservice architectures. Our Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing™ solution opens doors for healthcare organizations to leverage this technology to identify and trace PHI as it moves through the cloud.

Built on top of industry standard open source tools and cutting-edge machine learning models, Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing will provide visibility into where PHI data lives and flows across numerous microservices. To learn more, download our Whitepaper.

Assurance for PHI Inventory Requirements

Build a stronger audit record that can help comply with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Evidence to Keep You Compliant

Accurately trace any PHI record to help comply with regulations such as GDPR's Right To Be Forgotten.

Data Analysis to Help Your Organization

Gain insights from PHI inventories that can help your organization better detect fraud, discover areas for cost optimization or improve customer service.

Our Approach

Healthcare organizations can integrate this into an existing Kubernetes based application and immediately start seeing tracing reports that are focused on healthcare data, specifically PHI. Requests that flow through a Kubernetes pod are evaluated against healthcare aware machine learning models that can identify if the data contained in the request is PHI or not PHI, giving a strong audit posture in modern microservice-based applications. With automated tagging and auditing, your development team will be able to focus on their core application, rather than building auditing into each microservice to satisfy the compliance requirements.

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